Handpan Lottery

I’m letting go of this handpan that accompanied me on stage and in life since 2019. It’s a Mag Instrument B Hijaz (B/F#ABCD#EF#A).
It have its own story and went with me throughout Europe (Finland, Hungary, Germany, Luxembourg, France…).
I’m replacing my setup of pans to have more notes (obviously !), so I thought to organize a little lottery to win this handpan, instead of selling it.
The handpan cost 1500€, so it makes 50 tickets of 30€. I will limit the number of ticket by person to 4, because more tickets, more chance to win.

If the amount surpass the price of the handpan, the excess will be invest in the release of the album i’m currently writing.

The lottery take place from June 12th to July 17th and I will draw the winner on a Facebook live. The travel fees and softbag will be at the winner charge (softbag is around 40€).

Good luck to everyone !

Here some videos with this handpan 😉

(On this first video it’s the central handpan)

(On this video it’s the handpan on the left)